eha Impact Ventures, Ananya Health Partner Against Cervical Cancer


eha Impact Ventures (EIV) invests $25,000 in Ananya Health via a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) instrument to build its portable cryoablation device. 

The device provides primary care clinics with affordable cervical cancer prevention treatments to women in low and middle-income countries. The device freezes abnormal cells before they evolve into cervical cancer and does not rely on consumable cryogen gas, making the procedure ten times cheaper than traditional cryotherapy costs.

Evelyn Castle, CEO and Co-Founder of eha Impact Ventures noted that “each year, over 300,000 women die from cancer globally, despite 99.7% of the disease being preventable. We are using this opportunity to support solutions that reduce this death percentile and save women’s lives.” Evelyn mentioned that the investment aligns with EIV’s goals of supporting high-impact women-owned businesses and contributing to women’s overall well-being.

Expressing her appreciation for the investment, Anu Parvatiyar, the CEO of Ananya Health, stated, “We are excited to have eha Impact Ventures supporting our technology to reduce the number of women affected by cervical cancer worldwide, and particularly in high-burden emerging markets. With this investment, Ananya Health will strive to impact the lives of more women in more places.”

About eha Impact Ventures

eha Impact Ventures (EIV) is a philanthropic impact investing enterprise that supports early-stage, high-impact, women-led businesses in Africa. Unlike traditional business financing, EIV offers flexible and innovative financing paired with high-quality, local, shared business resources to ensure business growth and success.  Learn more –

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