Achieving Regional Growth Through Impact Investing and Inclusive Business Models

Kano      Sep 28, 2021       @ eHealth Africa

Abuja    Sep 30, 2021       @ The CANs

* Online link will be made available for those who can’t join in person

Investors Information:
The goals for our session with investors is to:
  1. Provide guidance on impact investing, the elements of impact investing, and how to measure the impact of your investment
  2. Q&A with investors on how you are making your investment decisions, what aspects of the deal matter most to you, and discuss your concerns around impact investing
  3. Present the IIF Deal Summit being hosted on Nov 30 in Lagos, what you can expect at the event, why you should attend, and answer any questions

We are looking for investors that match the following criteria:

  • Have invested > $100,000 in the past 5 years in Nigeria
  • Interested in investing in SMEs
  • Interested in the positive impact their investments can make in Nigeria
  • Interested in attending the IIF Deal Summit in Lagos
SME Information:
The goals for our session with SMEs is to:
  1. Provide guidance on impact investing, new innovative financing models, and where to look for impact grants
  2. Practical session on how to define your companies impact metrics to best position you to receive impact investments
  3. Presentation on Impact Amplifier Investment Readiness Program and the IIF Deal Summit on Nov 30 to determine if you qualify to participate, and if yes, how to apply
We are looking for SMEs that meet the following criteria:
  1. Have 2+ years in operation
  2. Be commercially viable
  3. Seek ticket size between $200,000 – $5m USD
  4. Registered with CAC and have a TIN (not mandatory, but preferred)