About Us

Our Mission

eha Impact Ventures is a philanthropic impact investing enterprise that supports early stage, high-impact, women led businesses in Africa. Unlike traditional business financing, we offer flexible and innovative financing paired with high-quality, local, shared business resources to ensure business growth and success.

Our goal is to improve the wealth and health of African women, their families, and communities.

Our Model

We are a registered U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit. Because we re-invest returns, the donor capital we receive is invested multiple times over.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that supporting women who are traditionally excluded from financing opportunities to develop and launch micro-SMEs is the best way to create generational impact in Africa. The core tenets of our philosophy are:

  • Investing in women owned companies provides the best mix of financial and impact returns
  • We prioritize impact returns over financial returns
  • We support companies in ways that do not take ownership away from the founders, thus preserving African ownership
  • Proper management and support allows for safer investments in “High-risk” companies
  • Investing in a platform of related companies gives the best chance of success for mSMEs

Our Value Add

Operational Platform
  • We have a proven capacity as a high-value implementer and enabler that can be extended to our start-up community
Access to Data
  • We have an extensive data gathering and analysis systems that can be used for business support (logistics, HR, finance, planning, etc)
Local knowledge
  • Our leadership team has extensive experience in Africa and our management team is located in our countries with investments which allows us to make effective decisions and provide local support
  • We can support our portfolio companies with political and business connections needed to be successful

Our Locations

eha Impact Ventures is located in Nigeria with administrative offices in South Africa, the US, and London.