eha Impact Ventures and LifeBank Boost Africa’s Healthcare Supply Chain


eha Impact Ventures (EIV) announces its participation in LifeBank’s $100,000 raise led by CcHUB Syndicate, an investment vehicle empowering investors worldwide to co-invest in the most innovative companies across Sub-Saharan Africa. LifeBank is a healthcare technology and logistics company in Lagos, Nigeria which facilitates the delivery of blood, oxygen, and medical consumables to hospitals and patients. EIV’s $10,000 convertible note investment supports LifeBank in digitizing the supply chain for Africa’s healthcare facilities by enabling efficient, secure, and speedy supply to end users.

Evelyn Castle, CEO and Co-Founder of eha Impact Ventures, said, “investing in LifeBank demonstrates the important role of cross-sector collaboration. It is also our way of fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals’ promise to leave no one behind. With our support, LifeBank will continue to efficiently deliver medical supplies to healthcare facilities, thereby improving the quality of care for Africans.”

Since its inception in 2016, LifeBank has aimed for a secure supply chain for African hospitals. It uses a seamless technology and innovation system to deliver prompt blood, oxygen, and medical consumables to hospitals. The company currently operates in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

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